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Get the most cash for your gold!

Whether you have jewelry you no longer wear, assets you’re looking to liquidate, or you inherited some pieces you likely won’t use, silver & gold cash buyer provides a convenient, risk-free process to sell your material. The precious metal market has been trending at an all-time high and our customers have been taking advantage of this.

At Silver and gold cash buyer, we have over 10 years of experience in the business. If you’re ready to sell gold, get the most competitive offer,  contact us at silver and gold cash buyer and set up your free appraisal.

we’ll guarantee we’ll beat any competitor’s offer for precious metals, gold, silver, and even your scrap gold, Items such as gold accessories, a single earring, or other gold that could be worth more than you think.

The gold items we buy:

  • Scrap gold such as broken jewelry pieces
  • Gold bands and chains
  • Gold charms and bracelets
  • Gold rings
  • Gold coins

Silver & gold cash buyer is equipped with Thermo-Fischer XRF Analyzers. These units are the worlds most accurate non evasive, x-Ray testing equipment which means you get more cash for your gold and silver vs the guessing game that others play which results in less money in your pockets. XRF X-Ray analyzers perform precious metal appraisals with certainty.

  • Precisely determine the gold content and all precious metals such as silver, platinum, palladium
  • Non-evasive / non-destructive precious metal analysis avoids damaging precious jewelry, antiques and heirlooms
  • Detects gold plating with patented gold-plating technology
  • Eliminate mistakes associated with acid test methods
  • Captures images of small areas using inline camera

Get the highest payout for your Gold.

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