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We are recognized as one of the leading buyers of Sterling Silver flatware and hollowware. Selling your Sterling Silver can be fast, safe and simple.We appreciate that fine pieces and patterns have exceptional value beyond simple silver weight therefore we pay more for sterling silver than anyone else .

You can be assured of getting top dollar from us—more than the pawn shop, jewelry store, and generally more than you would get on eBay after dealing with fees and potential “bad buyers.Selling silver is a viable way to generate extra income. Perhaps you’re looking to clear out some unwanted silver items such as sterling silver flatware or serving pieces.

A big consideration for selling silver is the value, or current market price you will receive for your items. At “silver & gold cash buyer”, the condition or appearance of your silver will not adversely affect your offer. we buy silver items of value regardless of how damaged, broken or unsightly they are. The amount we offer for your item(s) is based on the ratio of silver purity and weight.

In the U.S. market, silver items typically fall into one of four common purity grades:

  • Fine silver (.999, or 99.9% silver)
  • Sterling silver (.925, or 92.5% silver)
    We focus primarily on this grade of silver, as it is the most common and can be made into the widest variety of items
  • Coin silver (.900, or 90% silver)
    This includes “junk silver” coins that have no collectible value but were made with 90% silver
  • 80% pure silver (.800, or 80% silver)The purity grade of a silver item can often be found stamped onto the piece somewhere. A sterling silver bracelet, for example, might be marked “sterling silver” or “.925.” In the event it is not marked, specialized testing can be done.

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Don’t settle for less when selling your silver. We offer top dollar payouts for all silver items, including jewelry, coins, and bullion. Trust our professionalism and experience to get the most out of your sale. Contact us today for a free estimate and see how much your silver is really worth.

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